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    13 Reasons Why Season 4 Trailer And All The Recent news

    For the conclusion of the season, which marks the end of 13 Reasons, the series chose to kill a major character. A tragic death, but controversy. What thinks Brandon Flynn, aka Justin Foley? During a meeting, the actor is back at this moment. Warning, this report contains spoilers, do not go further if you don’t want to understand.

    RIP Justin Foley… In episode 10 of season 4 of 13 factors Why that marks the end of the series, the character played by Brandon Flynn would perish after having contracted HIV and developed Aids. A plot which has a lot of discussions and not much: on the web, internet users have criticized this option, pointing out the fact that having HIV now is a death sentence. Dylan Minnette has defended the storyline, but what think Brandon Flynn, who played the teen?


    Interviewed by Entertainment Weekly about the end of Justin in the final season of 13 Reasons Why, Brandon Flynn admits that he knows the sadness as well as the anger of net users who, according to him, reflect their despair at the death of their personality. “Its storyline is created of ups and downs, so people encouraged him. So when we get to the final and discovers that he is dead, it is a reduction. I applaud the authors for the way they have created this narrative is because, even though some reactions are story, it is all a process of mourning,” confided the celebrity. And to add: “In my entire life, I dropped a personality, and I was first inspired to anger. I believe that after this first stage of grief, we can comprehend life and that sometimes, all of this is not fair”.


    After saying goodbye permanently, 13 Reasons Why, and Justin Foley, Brandon Flynn will consequently have the ability to embark on new experiences. He entrusts, his life has changed. “Justin was a mirror for me in different ways and compared to many things that I needed to heal personally. I do not need it in every personality. Still, it was somewhat like therapy, Justin was a present huge,” explained the celebrity, who also admits he will never forget his character. We no longer!


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