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2019 Audi e-tron SUV electric cars

It is a conventional Audi. That is most likely the first thing. This can be an electric car that doesn’t seek to behave radical or to obscure boundaries but only persuades regular SUV buyers. Audi describes this as concept clarity.

The Tesla Model X deliberately looks and feels different. The Jaguar I-Pace is a part SUV, hatch, crossover, and coupe, both pitched that way to create an impact and attempt to pull buyers from all over. Both need growth. But Audi, defending sales amounts, has made a car people can recognize and understand.

Although similarly sized, underneath the e-Tron bears little resemblance to a Q7. The MLB Evo system has been heavily adapted to underpin the and the e-Tron Sportback of next year, although it isn’t ground-up brand new. There is an electric motor between a 700kg, 95kwh battery package, and in on each axle, the trunk marginally more powerful than the front for a total of 402bhp and 490lb ft.

The e-Tron is built in Brussels, in the plant which used to construct the A1 (that is currently moved to SEAT’s Martorell facility). Audi won’t talk sales volumes other than to say it’ll be built in numbers that are similar to the A1. The battery is built-in another Brussels mill and bolts directly to the bottom of the chassis.

Further platforms are in the pipeline at Audi. The e-Tron GT theory relies on Porsche’s Taycan, while farther down the line Porsche and Audi are currently operating on a stage, known as PPE. That will form the base to your VW Group’s larger cars (maybe including Bentley) while VW’s own MEB platform will feature for its ID versions.

Industry discussion. This e-Tron wears another badge: 55 (Audi’s daft designation for cars with 333-408bhp). It’s safe to presume e-Tron with varying power outputs will be along soon, including an entry-level variant using a smaller battery. The range might be lowered by that from the 248 miles that are promised but will help reduce the purchase price of the entrance from #71,490. A fast one can be in the pipeline.


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