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2020 Aston Martin Rapide E: coolest car of 2020

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2020 Aston Martin Rapide E: coolest car of 2020


We have seen a lot many things evolve and most prominent among them are the cars. You may be wondering  I am quoting such high standards.

It is because Aston Martin has released its all electric version, the 2020 Aston Martin Rapide E which has been designed in every sense to enhance and build on the predecessors.

And a lot of attention has been given to the development of electric power train and chassis to draw the most out of the V 12 engine the Rapide E works on.

Flawless Design

The design of 2020 Aston Martin Rapide E is aerodynamically optimized for a greater speed and cut edge the air. The interior and exteriors have been coupled with newly designed aluminium wheels created to achieve higher level of efficiency , friction less performance and enhanced cooling figures.

A special edition comes into play which has been worked out with Williams Advanced Engineering to throw the elegant form of Rapide E aerodynamic figures. Every inch of the car depicts a British in it.

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The 2020 Aston Martin Rapide Ei s powered by the 800 V battery encased in carbon fiber with Kevlar casing which includes over 5600 lithium ion cylindrical cells. These have occupied the same space as the previous 6.0 liter V12, its gearbox and fuel tank.

The Hunk of Power

The battery mentioned above powers the two rear mounted electric motors producing a combined output of 612 PS and 950 Nm.

The 2020 Aston Martin Rapide E gains a maximum of 155 mph as speed and is quite well for itself. There has been no compromises with performance here as we see the rapide E going 0 to 60 mph in 4 seconds ad 50 to 70 in 1.5 seconds. Thus 2020 Aston Martin Rapide E is going to be a super breed of Aston Martin.

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The 2020 Aston Martin Rapide E is agile, balanced and control and has got a lot of power as it got the range of 185 miles per hour and fast charging of 310 miles per hour range. So, really it seems 2020 bringing a lot new style in our garage.

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