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2020 Ducati Superleggera V4 limited-edition model

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How can you top a 221 hp, wing-sprouting monster like the Panigale V4 R? If you are Ducati, the solution would be to include more winglets and substitute the V4 R fairing and chassis with carbon fiber and decrease the fat by 35 pounds into a claimed dry weight of 351 lbs. Top it off with a paint scheme inspired by the Desmosedici GP19 MotoGP bike’s livery and you receive exactly the 2020 Ducati Superleggera V4. A limited-edition model (just 500 individually numbered units will be generated ), the Superleggera V4 is billed as the”most powerful and technologically advanced manufacturing Ducati ever constructed.”

Ducati substituted the Panigale V4’s subframe full-frame, swingarm, and wheels with carbon fiber. Based on Ducatithis makes the Superleggera V4 the planet’s very first street-legal bike to have a whole load-bearing construction of this chassis produced from carbon (although not carbon; Ducati states the framework employs 7075 aluminum metal inserts co-laminated to the composite construction ). The carbon chassis contributed to some 14.7-pound weight savings in comparison to this Panigale V4.

The carbon components were developed with Computed Axial Tomography for inspection: Lively Transient Thermography for inspecting the outside layers, Ultrasonic Phased Array for evaluation, also three distinct inspection testing approaches used in the aerospace sector. These tests helped guarantee security and quality criteria are met by each element.

The aero package of the Superleggera goes farther than the selections out there for V4 R and your Panigale V4, as well as the present MotoGP bikes of Ducati. The”biplane” design was motivated by the Desmosedici GP16, which Ducati claims were aerodynamically efficient than the recent racebikes, which must follow stricter rushing regulations. Based on Ducati, the biplane aerofoils generate a ground force of 50 kg in 270 kph (110 lbs at 168 mph), in contrast to 30 kg (66 lb ) in the Panigale’s aerofoils.

The aerofoil includes endplate and a strake to get downforce. The aerofoil that is reduced will help to lessen drag. The end result, says Ducati, is less float, firmness and less of a propensity.

The motor is unchanged by the Panigale V4 R 998cc powerplant, asserting an outcome signal of 221 hp using its regular Akrapovič exhaust. The comprised Racing Kit includes a track-use-only titanium Akrapovič tube that raises output to a promised 230 hp. These amounts are for the European-spec of this engine. North American figures weren’t supplied, but they need to be like the R that claims 209 hp using the exhaust. Such as the R, a clutch is used by the Superleggera V4.

Along with the three ride manners that are pre-programmed of the Panigale, the Superleggera V4 gets. The Superleggera includes a lap timer that could save data of five race tracks. The machine comes packed using data for Laguna Seca, Mugello, Jerez, Sepang, and Losail, for all those lucky enough to be driving the Superleggera.

Highlights include 43mm Öhlins NPX25/30 inverted fork a TFT color display, an Öhlins TTX36, Brembo Style R calipers levers along with Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SP tires.

Every Superleggera V4 will come to ride a Panigale V4 R in a World Superbike event. 30 Superleggera owners will get the opportunity. Ducati intends to start delivery. There is no word about shipping to North American buyers.

The 2020 Ducati Superleggera V4 has carbon fibre bodywork, frame, swingarm, and wheels. It is rumoured to cost around 100,000 Euros (Rs 78 lakh)

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