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2020 Fantic Caballero: First look of three new Scramblers

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Some brands just keep on revising, that’s their class, the revival. And not just revive, they bring with them a hustle in the market. This time, it is the Fantic Caballero, with three of its new pieces. They are the 2020 Fantic Caballero 125, 2020 Fantic Caballero 250 and the 2020 Fantic Caballero 500.

They began in 1980 with just as trials but fell victim to financial problems, but seem to have undone the burden as they bring three new ones again in the market, and we are always eager to keep update for them.

The powertrain for the 2020 Fantic Caballero 125 is the SOHC four-valve Motor and has an underscore design for greater torque. It is equipping the Arrow dual exhaust with a 30 mm Keihin carburetor feeds.

The inverted fork is non-adjustable but branded fanatic and seat height are 32 inches with some adjustments too. The tire purpose is with Mitas Enduro Trail and the bike has a dry weight of 286 pounds and a fuel capacity of 3.2 gallons.

The 2020 Fantic Caballero 250 is likely to have the same chassis as the 2020 Fantic Caballero 125. The motor remains SOHC four-valve design for this too but the strokes vary for the better purpose here. The bore is a 77 mm hefty injected fuel type. And the power tops at 25 hp for the 8500 rpm with torques best at the 16 ft\lbs at 6500 pm.

The 250 is also heavier by 22 pounds than the 125. The 2020 Fantic Caballero 250 comes with a 320 mm front disc and 230 mm rear ones for better braking and handling of the system. There are also two standard ABS for them.

A similar chassis numbers as well for the 500, with the same SOHC four-valve design powertrain with 40 mm throttle body. it gives out 449 ccs though through the hefty bore of 94 mm. max of 40 hp at 7500 rpm and 32 ft/lbs at 6000 rpm is as good as always. And all three have a six-speed transmission. The look is quite impressive Italian and is good for the road and garage.

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