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2020 Newron EV-1 : Super Bike Wood and Electric

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Designing is a free work, any Computer nerd is best at it. But for an Automobile, it is the hardest to bring it into a real-life design. And the design rendered to the 2020 Newron EV-1 is by CEO of Newron Motors Sebastien Mahut who has a track record of building such bike designs.

And according to him, there are 12 more in his vault.
He started in 2009 with the Aprilla Futura chassis, and despite a 70 mph high speed and 40 miles range, it was a start for him. Later, he joined hands with the Advans group which helped him secure financial support and software developers.

And these all are rendering to the fabulous 2020 Newron EV-1 now. And the most notable feature in it is the wooden exoskeleton around the battery. Thus, it defines a technical and organic field for the bike. Another new design is the rotation of the battery as the vehicle moves, thus, defining the passage of time as per the Newron’s spokesperson.
Powertrain Of the 2020 Newron EV-1
The 2020 Newron EV-1 has got 102 bhp on the tap and a max torque of 177 ft\lb. And it will be covering a 0 to 62 mph in less than three seconds. That’s amazing for now.

The range is also the same amaze of 185 miles. Truly awe. The left side has an engraved plate with a craftsman name and the rear rim is transparent, like the lower part of the motorcycle. And the key input is just like the opening of the jewelry box.

Having the key is just a jewel and you always find the part of the bike keeping with you. And for the prices, there isn’t confirmed the news but you can refer to the Haute Couture for a corresponding MSRP.

So, with such a flawless and new design, you must try a hand-on with the thing for sure and we are more of a sure of you buying it to adorn your garage and road with it. Because the trend is to set a new look and wood is the best on it.

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