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2020 SWM ACE OF SPADES 500: First look and Design

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Talking of sports and racing may be the first to hit on the mind. Their design and shine, the roar of the engine make them even more thinkable. The automobile industry runs on this desire – desire to overpower the road, the desire to own a look, a trend. And SWM keeps up on it. 

Even though known in the United States for the dual sports line up of sports bikes, this time, there’s more than the sports and adventure thing. We have with us the offer by the Speedy Working Motors, the 2020 SWM Ace of Spades 500, based on the already proven Gran Milano Platform.

Design of Flawless!!!

The 2020 SWM Ace of Spades 500 brings its design from Italy. Its design tells us of its retro mods custom as it resides in the showrooms. Talking of the powertrain in a glimpse, the 2020 SWM Ace of Spades 500 is backed by the 445 cc single-cylinder air-/oil-cooled SOHC motor. Though the look of the engine seems to be from the 1980s but has the EFI marked on. 

The engine claims a horsepower of a peak of 28 hp. Though we suspect a lot more torque up its sleeve for the town courtesy. The chassis is designed in a traditional outfit with a single downtube frame and a Taiwan Fastace inverted fork. The handling is done by the 320 mm front disc brakes and also, the bike is supported by dual-standard ABS.

Some Extra sleeve tricks!!!

The 2020 SWM Ace of Spades 500 also provides adjustable twin shock absorbers, and here the vintage look disappears. The Pirelli Scorpion rally gives the 2020 SWM Ace of Spades 500 a custom look for a decision and makes it completely all time ready for all-terrain duty. Just watch out for the two stainless steel mufflers. The 2020 SWM Ace of Spades 500 weighs for 345 pounds and a fuel capacity of 4.4 gallons full.

so, there is a lot more to experience in the bike than just the write-up, so you can go forward for a test drive any time soon and I assure you won’t be disappointed best of my knowledge. just keeping you updated with the work.

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