Home Car News 2020 Tesla Model S Long Range crossed "402 miles" milestone

2020 Tesla Model S Long Range crossed “402 miles” milestone

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We just talked about Tesla gripping those millionth-mile battery pack and also about Tesla coming with passed limit recognition for its electric lineup and Tesla breaks another hot news for us to deliver. Tesla has reached the top and become the most valuable automotive company in the world. But was it enough for Musk?

No, 2020 Tesla Model S Long Range just broke the skeptic thinking and proved that electric vehicles are capable of something out if the world. It’s not a reference with CyberTrucks looking like spaceships. This week Tesla has surpassed the 400-mile range and the US authorities revised its range certification with “402 miles” figures.

Well, all the hype goes down when the real truth comes out. The US authorities which tested the Model S range had left the key in the car and the door open. Even these minor changes drained at least 2% of the battery which resulted in a lesser range. If this 2% is less, these minor changes just added 19 miles to the claimed range of 2020 Tesla Model S Long Range.

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The same updated models are hinted to roll out from Tesla’s factory in February of next month. With so much already going on for the Billionaire, this little piece of happiness adds in his list ranking below the SpaceX successful launch and a newborn with his girlfriend. Looks like 2020 had mercy only on Musk.

What are your thoughts and also about Elon Musk’s son’s name, what with that???

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