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2021 Audi A3 Sedan Launched With Great Looks And Safety

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Audi has finally introduced the new A3 Sedan after the A3 Sportback launched nearly two months ago. With a starting price of 27,700 euros, it will sell in Europe this summer.

The compact model of second-generation is highly comparable with the outgoing model.

It’s all over the width up by 20 mm to 1,820 mm, length of 40 mm to 4,500 mm, and 10 mm taller at 1,4300 mm. Although the wheelbase remains unchanged at 2,637 mm. The headroom is up by 20 mm in front due to the lower driving position. Whereas, the boot space remains unchanged at 425 liters.


When we talk about looks. the front side is likely to be the same as its Sportback counterpart. Matrix LED lights also added as optional. But the bad side slightly molded, rump and window surround. The integrated diffuser and bumper insert are the same as before.

Variants such as A3 2.0 TDI contains two electrically actuated louver modules behind the grille. This will help sedan to achieve a lower drag value of 0.25 Cd. Other features such as sculpted wing mirror, paneled underbody, and active braking cooling. This will reduce the air resistance.

Naturally, the cockpit of Both A3 Sportback and a 3 Sedan is Indistinguishable. Standard capabilities include a 10.25-inch electronic device cluster and a 10.1-inch MMI signature display, however, the prior can be updated into the full-size 12.3-inch Audi virtual cockpit and also better images and features.

Even a head-up display might be defined if you fancy. And also the range-topping infotainment process could your MMI Navigation Plus, which works over the auto maker’s third-generation modular (MIB 3) infotainment platform. This offers LTE connectivity together with wi-fi hot spot functionality, internet traffic data, news, GoogleEarth vision for navigation, Car to X connectivity using on-street traffic and parking lighting info, Apple CarPlay, Android Auto. Also with wireless net charging along with connectivity with a myAudi smartphone app.

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