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2021 Audi A3 Sportback revealed its Australian debut at the end of this year

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Evolutionary looks and innovations for Audi’s new little car. But that’s no bad thing when it comes to the A3.

The latest fourth-generation 2021 Audi A3 Sportback has been revealed online just eight years since its predecessor was first introduced. And four years since its last facelift.

The new A3 is evolutionary in a great many ways. Styling is common, the platform below is a variant of the MQB model of the Volkswagen Group and a few CarAdvice users will be shocked by power outputs from the launch line-up.

The new A3, however, pushes the game along seamlessly and impressively, as with most recent Audis. The 2021 S3 Sportback five-door hatch revealed in our first drive of the new model it will be impressive when it takes on the new BMW 1 Series and Mercedes-Benz A-Class later this year in Australia.

Finally fully unveiled, we can see what the new A3 Sportback is about to deliver. At least in Europe, with local details to be confirmed closer to production.


The new A3 starts on the styling line, showcasing the hooked headlights that debuted with its 2016 redesign. Covering the hexagonal Audi grille trademark.

Similarly, lines down the side highlighted, with a deeper character line that coils closer at each corner to show off the flared arches.

The new model measures 4.34 meters in length. And 1.82 meters wide (excluding mirrors), making it 30 mm longer and 35 mm narrower than the outgoing model. Wheelbase and height remained constant, respectively, at 2,64 meters and 1,43 meters.

Within, the new 2020 Audi A3 draws on the styling trends set out with recent offerings, with the main display re-integrated with the dash (doing away with the laptop feel of the dashtop), and vents returning to a more streamlined shape.

As standard, the main display is 10.1 inches. A fully digital instrument display behind the steering wheel also given out of the package. The standard model (probably the same 10.25-inch unit used in the new Golf) has not been verified. But the ‘ extra ‘ option is listed at 12.3 inches.

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