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2021 BMW 4-Series Audio and Spy photos

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BMW is working on a new 4-Series model to accompany the redesigned 3-Series which have launched in 2019.

We have previously seen designs for redesigned 4-Series Sedan, M4 Coupe, and M4 Hybrid models. Now we’re looking at the revamped 4-Series Coupe.

A battery-electric i4 sedan to replace the existing 4-Series Gran Coupe is now in the pipeline.

BMW is obviously looking for a futuristic feel for the upcoming 4-Series, but there will be a drastic shift upfront:

The latest shots give us a complete view of the over-sized grille of the sedan. That mimics the 4-Series-previewing model 4 introduced last year. The concept would undoubtedly prove controversial, to put it lightly.

BMW Version 4

The underlying architecture is the CLAR concept for rear-wheel-drive cars by BMW Group. And the main powertrains will turbocharge 4-and 6-cylinder inline engines that displace 2.0 and 3.0 liters, respectively. The 2.0-liter mill should appear in a grade of 430i while the 3.0-liter mill should reserve for an M440i M Output bid. Diesel and hybrid plug-in solutions will also be in the market, but even the latter is expected to see sales in the US.

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Fans of the results will look forward to a new M4 generation. It will mount the latest S58 engine from BMW M, a 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged inline-6 that should produce around 473 horsepower in the M4 and as much as 503 hp in the form of M4 Competition. The new engine had its debut in the 2020 X3 and X4 M.

BMW 4-Series 2021-Photo

Anyone who has sat on a modern BMW would be familiar with the interior. Expect a cluster of optical instruments, alongside a large infotainment panel. Natural voice activation will also appear in the car.

Look for a new 4-Series release late summer. Sales projected to begin in late 2020 or early the next year. The launch of the 4-Series Convertible and M4 twins will be on shortly after the debut. The i4 is only expected in late 2021.

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