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2021 BMW X2: the Upcoming Luxury Car

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2021 BMW X2: the Upcoming Luxury Car



The BMW X series is a great success for the Luxury  car market and here, the BMW is again with the X2 series to startle you with its features.

The wide range of engine is the thankful body. And the luxury options and reliability add on to it. The X2 would be similar o X1 and X2 but it will be f a bigger dimension here.

The exteriors will have new headlights with daytime performing headlight and new designed grille with chromes around.

The interior will be having a dual tone scheme and advanced instruments to add on.  And there are a lot of safety feature to be seen like the front airbags with curtain and side airbags. There will be parking assist and driving alerts as well.

THe Exteriors and Performances!!!

The exterior will have a sharper design enhancing the aero dynamics of the body like a feature in bonnet and fenders with muscular contours.

There will be larger door panels featuring smooth flow of air panels and roof line. There will be electric fold system along with a tail lamp LED at he rear featured.

The distinct image here will be by the stylish rear spoiler giving a separate image on the road. Also, there are parking sensors and a chrome tip.

The Stats we like!!!

The performance of the BMW X2 is maintained by the exclusive 2.0 litre turbo charged petrol engine delivering a power of 190 PS.

There may be diesel version with three versions likely the 2.0 litre delivering a 148 PS, a 187PS or 227 PS power outputs respectively.

The transmission of the BMW X2 is a six speed automatic type and the drive is connected to all the wheels. The interior feature a power adjust for all and memory function and covered with leather upholstery.

There is air conditioning with cantered mounted infotainment screen with touchscreen display for multiple DVD and navigation.

These All will supply for a superior quality of entertainments. The safety is also high tech with disc brakes on all the wheels with enhanced ABS system and ventilated calipers.

There are ample surrounding airbags and drive alert system with park assisting cameras and sensors.

So, there’s a lot of offering from BMW and we must get our hands on it.

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