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2021 GMC Canyon AT4 Provides an Off-Road Performance Edition Bundle

In December of the year, GMC took the AT4 farther, making an Off-Road Performance Package that fostered torque and horsepower, and re-soled that the 18-inch machined rims in Goodyear Wrangler DuraTrac Mud Terrains. History will repeat itself in 2020, 1 truck dimensions category down. GMC introduced the Canyon AT4 (pictured) at Vail, Colorado, earlier this month, and GM Authority reports that a Canyon AT4 Off-Road Performance Edition Package is on the road after this season.

Layout tweaks incorporate the brand new, bolder front fascia and reddish recovery hooks. The Canyon AT4 Off-Road Performance Package goes another course compared to Sierra, enhancing ruggedness rather than engine output. A leading leveling kit eliminates the mill rake. This version will put on a black AT4 badge rather than the standard chrome and red AT4 denominator.




Considering that GMC has not declared the upfit, we do not have pricing or pictures. Tallying up what personal choices we can on the 2020 Canyon All Terrain came into $1,970, but it does not reflect pricing for the next season’s fresh AT4 trim, nor does this include elements like front leveling kit or gloss black wheels. GM Authority said production should start in June or July, so we can anticipate information closer to summer.


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