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2021 Tesla Model 3 price and details

Hey, Auto Freak followers. Yup, your fave writer is back and with hot as chilly news as always.

Is it about some upcoming new vehicles???  No..!!!

Is it about some upcoming vehicle in disguise that was spotted?  No!!!!

Well, it’s about Tesla and its upcoming Tesla Model 3 for 2021. So, jump right in Tesla fans.

Next to perfection, Tesla Model 3 offers almost everything you could fit in a car. The simplicity of Tesla is proven by the use of no hard switches, buttons, no gauges, no instrument cluster, just a big 15-inch screen to get everything done.

What new could we get in 2021 Tesla Model 3???

2020 Tesla Model 3 had no major changes before rolling out. But recently the new Tesla Model S making a historic 402 miles run in a single charge, might bring good news for the upcoming Model 3 as well. Being the smallest in the family, the Model 3 sedan might hardly get any major changes than some improved auto-pilot juice, which has been hinted.

The current Tesla Model 3 is a charm, with minimalist exterior body lines. The front has no grille for a start. And the roofline is aerodynamic to let Tesla cut through the air like a fish. In addition it offers the best in-cabin features which include Wi-Fi hot spot, navigation, a 14-speaker audio system, four standard USB ports, and over the air updates. The current Model 3 comes in three different trims, namely Standard Range Plus, Long Range, and Performance. Currently, the standard plus comes with rear-wheel drive and one electric motor.

While both Long Range and Performance trims fit in two electric motors and have all-wheel drive. The Long Range trim can travel up to 322 mph, hit a top speed of 145 mph, and go from zero to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds. The Performance trim trades range for performance. The range is rated at 299 miles, the vehicle can hit a top speed of 162 mph, and zero to 60 mph takes just 3.2 seconds.

For safety assurance, Tesla Model 3 current model comes with blind-spot monitoring, automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and lane-keeping assist as standard. All these plus Tesla’s Auto-Pilot capability for an additional $7,000.

Release date and price expected???

With no major updates for 2021, the price should remain close to $39,190 Standard Plus Trim. The Long Range trim can carry a price tag of $48,190, and the Performance trim could be priced at $48,890. Less or more, Tesla will see no downfall in sales sometimes, as the peak of Electric Vehicles is near.



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