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2021 Version of the Benelli TNT 600i leaked via patent photos

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The latest Benelli TNT 600i 2021 was unveiled through leaked patent pictures. The leaked pictures tell us the latest motorcycle is very different from the 2020 Benelli TNT 600i. This was released in China just now.

The TNT 600i 2021 seen here sports an overhauled front fascia. It comes with a new headlamp featuring a 3-light system. For the high and low beams, the two projector lights on the sides could be while the middle light could be a DRL or the other way around. The new headlight system also sports an intimidating look that enhances the motorcycle’s visual appeal even from the sides. There’s also a full-digital portable instrument cluster.


Benelli also modified the configuration of the extensions to fuel tanks or tank scoops. Now they’re much more sportive and smoother. The new motorcycle’s tail section also is an altered one. It tends to be thinner and has a rear cowl revamped. The Benelli TNT 600i has a single-piece seat which looks pretty good still.

The latest TNT 600i features an updated exhaust system. Unlike the MY2020 model, where the dual exhausts mounted right under the pillion bench, the MY2020 model has a 4×1 exhaust system with a shorter end can. It is below the swingarm of the wheel, which is almost parallel to the deck. We only hope the TNT 600i manages to have the genius exhaust note with this new exhaust system.

Benelli also installed a new rear tire hugger-mounted license plate holder which also carries the vertically stacked rear side turn signals to make the TNT 600i sportier from behind. Overall, the 2021 TNT 600i looks a lot more sporty and proportionally better than the 2020 TNT 600i.

There no details as of now about the engine and hardware requirements of the 2021 TNT 600i. The bike supposed to use a 4-cylinder engine in-line only, but with the specific performance of displacement, power and torque. The engine of the 2020 TNT 600i has a 600 cc powerplant with 81 horsepower and 51 Newton-meters. We intend to find out more about the Benelli TNT 600i in 2021 soon.

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