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5 Reasons Why You Should Buy an Electric Car Now!

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Is 2021 going to start the era of electric cars?

With more buzz surrounding Elon Musk and his huge endeavors in the car industry, things are looking quite bright for the electric car market.

What’s more, many people now prefer to buy electric vehicles rather than diesel cars.

Some might like the brand name or the high-class authority that comes with getting a Tesla, but others have viable reasons for going electric.

If you’re thinking of switching cars, check out these reasons you should get an electric car!

They Perform Faster

When you’re rushing to get somewhere and need a car that has extra torque, then look no further than electric cars.

These vehicles are great for those people who live in neighborhoods with many street corners.

And since electric cars are automatic, they don’t have a clutch for changing gears. Hence you can smoothly cut through any street corner very easily and quickly.

They Are Safer

Who needs to worry about fuel leaks or oil spills when they can get an electric car?

Unlike fuel-powered vehicles, electric cars are powered by batteries that can be charged at stations.

You even have the option to charge it at home while you sleep! However, don’t forget to check the type of car battery, municipal electricity charges, and the strength of electric currents in your area.

They Are Cheaper

People think electric cars are so expensive and are reserved for the elite.

But did you know that they are relatively cheaper than a regular vehicle?

A 2018 study conducted by the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute found that operating an electric car in the US is around $485 per year, while the average cost for a diesel car is about $1,117.

Make no mistake, though; electric cars are still high on the repair scale. Since their batteries are made of lithium, just like the batteries in your laptop and mobile phone, it costs more to make these batteries bigger than usual.

Thus, if you want to buy an electric vehicle, make sure to keep up with yearly maintenance screenings and do a background check on the car you lay your eyes on.

They Make Less Noise

Unfortunately, gasoline-powered cars can be pretty noisy, especially at night when tipsy drifters want to show off their skills to annoyed residents.

However, while far from being 100% noise-free, electric cars boast quieter propulsion noise than gasoline-powered vehicles.

Additionally, there’s no internal combustion going on in an electric vehicle, so you won’t have to worry about waking up your neighbors with a loud bang.

They Are Better For The Environment

Though research is still ongoing concerning the environmental effects of electric cars, there are some positive outlooks to consider.

For instance, those vehicles that typically run on wind power or solar power undoubtedly score points in the fight against global warming and climate change.

Also, after the initial assembly process, fuel-powered cars release more CO2 in the long run than electric cars. 

In the end, electric vehicles get admired by onlookers everywhere and are here to stay!

Having said that, if you ever decide on getting an electric car like a Tesla, ensure to get a car cover for safety precautions.

Inside Edition recently covered a story of frequent Tesla vandalisms at parking lots, so remember to be safe than sorry!

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