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A Sensuous Design is in line with Hyundai Prophecy

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Hyundai is debuting its Prophecy concept in the next month’s Geneva International. The concept is an EV with a curvy, almost retro design. Hyundai describes it as an evolution of its Sensuous Sportiness design language first introduced with 2018’s Le Fil Rouge concept.

The Le Fil Rouge is also a preview of the design of the latest Sonata. Yet it is not clear if the Prophecy is also a preview of a specific model.

The Prophecy hints at futuristic design themes rather than specific models from the past. In a statement released with the teaser, Hyundai said the concept’s purpose is to define the brand’s future design direction.

Last September, Hyundai unveiled an electric crossover concept set to spawn a production model. ‘The Pony Coupe’ as it is called, the concept also showcased the evolution of the Sensuous Sportiness design language.

More details will be available once the Geneva Auto Show starts this 3rd of March.

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