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After Life season 3: Releasing Information Leaked ?

Ricky Gervais is notorious for performing a particular of his displays plus two string, preferring to leave fans wanting more instead of merely dragging out a job.

However, Netflix has commissioned a third jog of Following Life, and it seems that the comic is currently hard at work composing it.

“I understand a third show is on its way,” she explained. “And I believe Ricky has tapped a couple of words into his pc, or quill, or anything he uses.”

He did sign he would split his fashion and compose the third season of one of his displays if the year two response was favorable.

“The greater it moves the worst it’s for me, it is possible to do something **king beautiful, and everybody goes:’Oh god, it is the best thing 10/10′,” he joked on Twitter.

“But if you really do something else which is 9.5/10 people are like:’It is f**king dreadful, this really is the worst show on tv’. So that is what goes through my thoughts.”

Celebrities Mandeep Dhillon and Joe Wilkinson have confessed that they’d like things to be up for their personalities in the next year, together with the latter stating that he wants to see Pat and Roxy have a perfect relationship next time around.


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