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Aj And The Queen Season 2: ENDING EXPLAINED?

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Aj and the queen season 2 — Aj and the queen is a funny series that revolves around the events that have been Robert aka drag queen Ruby Red (RuPaul Charles) and his companion AJ (Izzy G), an unsavoury 10-year-old who has a solution to each issue.

Aj And The Queen Season 2

The narrative revolves around how they find solutions to handle the problems the villain’s Hector and Lady Danger and create a mess.

The first season of”Ak and the queen” was released on 10th January 2020 on Netflix.

CAST: Aj And The Queen Season 2

It would be unjustified to not mention about the most beautiful part of the series, which is its cast such as Michael-Leon Wooley as Robert’s best friends, roommate, and fellow drag queen Louis aka Cocoa Butter; Josh Segarra as Hector, Robert’s too-good-to-be-true boyfriend that Robert discovers is a grifter; and Tia Carrere as Lady Danger, Hector’s partner-in-crime.

The whole cast of the show and their superficial acting makes it more interesting for all of us to follow our screens and adore the show.


The series becomes more satisfying and beautiful as it leads to its very last incident, AJ was reunited with her drug-addict mommy Brianna, Robert has realised that she would like to adopt AJ. Louis aka Cocoa Butter has been crowned the very first alternate for Miss Drag USA. The financial worries of Robert were marginally rectified during the finale.

On the other hand, the show is not done with the conclusion part, and we are currently hoping that season 2 will soon be providing us with a with all the conclusion.

Aj and the queen season 2

We all know how desperately you all are currently waiting for the season. Still, we sadly inform you till now about the release there’s been no official statement about the season two that there has not been any news from the production house. It’ll take a great deal of time to bless our eyes, as we are aware that season 1 published in January 2020.

The pandemic, in addition to projects of the writers as well producer, might delay the entire year to release till mid-2021.

It is going to be well worth the wait to see season 2, which we expect will be extra entertaining and full of emotions.

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