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Alfa Romeo could Reveal a new model in This Summer

You might not understand it, but this year marks the 110th anniversary of Alfa Romeo. The automaker hasn’t announced it will be celebrating its big birthday but a new report claims it will host a unique event in Turin, Italy, this summer, where a mystery model will be unveiled.

The event will act as a miniature motor show and will take place on June 24. Details are scarce, but it appears the model will either be a coupe or a crossover. What is it?

Regrettably, it’s very unlikely to be the brand new Alfa Romeo 8C supercar since Alfa Romeo has reportedly canceled plans to put it. Blame crossovers on the demand. Speaking of which can also be expected to launch in the 2020 Geneva Motor Show in March.

There is a chance it may be a new compact crossover that will be constructed on the PSA platform as a consequence of the current FCA and PSA merger. If that is accurate, there is a fantastic chance Alfa Romeo’s compact crossover will debut in the event as an idea.

It could preview the prospective C-segment or B-segment SUV outlined in the company’s future product roadmap, which is supposed to go on sale in 2021 and 2022 of Alfa Romeo. Even though a new crossover can help boost the automaker’s earnings, it will not please enthusiasts. Alternately, the mystery model could be a coupe made as a tribute such as the GTV Duetto to Alfa Romeo’s fabled versions.

Could it be the Alfa Romeo 6C sports coupe? We’re keeping our fingers crossed, but don’t get your hopes up because the production variant has reportedly been scrapped about buying one.


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