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Alita Battle Angel 2 : Cast, Plot, Release Date And Every Other Updates!!!

Alita Battle Angel 2 may be about the way! The first film was a massive success. The story is mind-blowing. We see Alita being left by Dr. Ido if she is found near a junkyard and finally learning “the fall” while she struggles to take in the spaces and people of the newly found world.

The film primarily talks about Alita discovering her past and forming bonds with daddy/dr. Ido. The town Zalem is a very continuous thing in all of Eden’s characters. Alita wants to escape and move away from the Iron City.

He directs Grewishka to trace Alita. Alita then realizes everything that has been occurring and promises to kill the protagonist! The first movie ends with this adventure of hers.


Alita: Battle Angel is put up in the 1990s, very close to the Battle Angel Anime which includes the first two volumes of the mangas. The plot ends with Hugo’s passing, which leaves us wondering.

The significant dissimilarities are from the overwhelming presence of Nova- at the manga, he’s introduced way later, but in the movie, he comes too soon and disrupts the creativity. It provides a spin, something that the fans weren’t expecting.

That is the reason it’s so tough to predict what could happen in the sequel if there is any. For now, there are no official announcements about the release of a sequel, however, we are hoping that there will be. In any case, it looks like a very long wait until the sequel is announced. Stay tuned, and we’ll keep updating.


Rosa Salazar definitely will return as the star of the movie, Alita. We also hope Christoph Waltz will return as Dr. Dyson Ido, Alita’s estranged father, a scientist, and also a bounty hunter. We expect to see Edward Norton reunite as Nova. We might see new faces, but we cannot be sure who will join the team.

Release Date

There is a sequel of Alita Battle Angel to happen and that also shortly, but right now everything was set to hold as there’s a delay in its function because of the global spread COVID-19 and so we are expecting the sequel to occur next year.


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