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Alita Battle Angel 2 : Release Date, Cast, Plot And Latest Updates!!!

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According to a Japanese Manga named Gunnm, Alita Battle Angel is a sci-fi thriller film directed with the aid of Robert Rodriguez. The manga was made into a live-action Hollywood movie in ancient 2019. The movie was a brain baby of James Cameron since the 2000s and starred Rosa Salazar as the primary protagonist. Fanatics have since waited for any information about the sequel of the movie.

Right here’s all that we know about the movie, its sequel, and all of the updates associated with it.

Release Date

The movie was released back in February 2019. Since the launch of this first movie, Disney managed to acquire 21st Century Fox, and today it depends upon Disney to create the sequel.


The film had a set of promising actors for their roles which contained the likes of

•Rosa Salazar as Alita

•Christoph Waltz as Dr. Dyson Ido

•Jennifer Connelly as Chiren

•Mahershala Ali as Vector

•Ed Skrein as Japan

•Jackie Earle Haley

•Keean Johnson as Hugo

And others


Set within the year 2563, the tale of the film is about Alita, a deactivated cyborg who is revived. But considering that she couldn’t recall anything of her past, she goes on a search to find out who she is.

Filmmaker James Camaron and Robert Rodriguez have hinted that movies may get’a couple of sequels’ for quite a while. About 6 February 2019, they affirmed having plans for a second installment of the film. The very first movie truly left a great deal of room to get a sequel. Throughout the very last minutes of the film, the principal antagonist of all Alita is discovered. Nova, a criminal high up inside the Zalem.

After Hugo expires, Alita promises to find and kill Nova. The movie ends with her embarking on a search to journey up to Zalem and take her revenge. Therefore, we could see Alita’s travel up Zalem, along with her quench to kill Nova from the sequel.

Until then, stay tuned with us for more updates about Alita Battle Angel 2.

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