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Alita Battle Angel 2 : Release Date, Cast, Plot And Much More

From the makers of portrait and scrapbooking island, the crowd saw another science fiction to be enjoyed and amazed upon. With the futuristic element from James Cameron and eye-catching visual consequences from Robert Rodriguez, Alita the conflict angel didn’t disappoint the admirers of this genre. The movie released in 2019 is an adaptation of the Japanese manga from the name, Gunmm.

The movie was victorious at the theatres and was the greatest hit of Robert Rodriguez. However, what can the fans expect from this sequel? Read on to learn more.


The very first successful installment of the movie saw Rosa Salazar as Alita, Christoph Walts as Dr. Dyson Ido, and Keean Johnson as Hugo playing the leads. The cast also includes Mahershala Ali and Lana Condor.


The plot set in the year 2563, where humans have lifted themselves following the catastrophic war called’The Fall’. And in the center of a rumble, we match a female cyborg with an intact human brain right in the center of Iron City. Alita was rescued by Dr. Iyo who was intrigued by the cyborg and titles her Alita after her dead woman.

Things take a turn when one day Alita and Dr. Iyo are assaulted on their way to their home by a bunch of cyborg serial killers led by Grewishka. We see Alita instinctively moving to protect her father and herself with a lost combat art for machine bodies. She struggles with the killers and can be amazed and astounded by the talents she possesses.

On the lookout for more replies, Alita finds the way the combat she used was one which had been lost for 300 decades and she had been the last of the kind living. Having noticed remnants from her past, Alita is decided to put herself up as a Hunter- Warrior at a chance of recalling her past and take vengeance on Grewishka.

At the final of this first part, we see Alita being hailed as the rising celebrity of the Motorball Tournament. The audiences are also revealed how Grewishka was a pawn to lure Alita and her enemy is Zova.

Release Date

The writers had announced in 2019 that a sequel was in action. However, following a Lawsuit upon 20th Fox century studios, Disney was no more willing to integrate it with them. Petitions by thousands of fans have written to Disney, for a reconsideration.


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