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Always A Witch Season 3 : Release Date, Cast, Plot And All the Upcoming News

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Always a Witch is a Colombian web tv series. The genres involved in the series are Fantasy and Romantic comedy. The series is directed by Ana María Parraand. The series is based on Yo, bruja by Isidora Chacón. The series is starring a great number of talented actors including Angely Gaviria, Valeria Emiliani, Verónica Orozco, Sofía Bernal Araujo, Dylan Fuentes, Carlos Quintero, Dubán Prado, Lenard Vanderaa, Sebastián Eslava, Luis Fernando Hoyos, Jhon Alex Castillo and Oscar Casas. The series has completed two seasons. Always a witch made its debut on January 1, 2019 as season 1 with 10 episodes. It was then renewed for a second season which aired on 28 February 2020 with 8 episodes. The series got a rating of 6.3/10 from IMDb and 43% from Rotten Tomatoes. It is now available on Netflix.

Always A Witch Season 3 Cast

The cast members from the previous seasons will be returning back for the new season. Till now there has been no news about the fresh faces to be seen in the upcoming season but we expect to see few. The cast includes Angely Gaviria as Carmen, Verónica Orozco as Ninibe, Cristina Warner as Isabel de Aranoa, Lenard Vanderaa as Cristobal De Aranoa, Carlos Quintero as León and Sebastian Eslava as Esteban.

Always A Witch Season 3 Plot

As till now, the series has not been renewed for a third season we don’t have many details about the new season. Stay updated with us for the latest details about the plot of the new season.

Always A Witch Season 3 Release Date

As we see the series made its debut on January 1, 2019. Till now there is so announcement of the official release date of the season. Netflix still has not renewed the series for a third season. seeing the current situation of the world due to the coronavirus pandemic we may expect a delay in the release of the new season. Stay updated with us for more details about the series.

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