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An electric Royal Enfield – Costlier than Harley Davidson LiveWire

The topic may seem absurd to many. The royal and the electric, there is hardly any connection between the two terms. While the Harley and the Electric have been there for three years. But then we met the LiveWIre. But then also, we cannot quite say that this is the Photon Enfield’s electric Eureka moment. Sources are confirming the interest of Indian owned British retro bike maker, to show an interest in the exploration of electric space. But this is not the final product here. Rather than saying this, we may restate it like, it is a shed built Classic 350, which goes from ditching gasoline to accepting electric.

Talking more about these builders, the UK’s Electric Classic Cars (ECC), are well known in their profession. They are famous for converting old school cars to electric vehicles. And talking of the least, this was their first attempt on a motorbike. And the results seem very promising in the era. If you go around the enormous battery packs, and of course the electric circuits, you may find it very difficult to distinguish from the Royal Enfield Classic 350. It runs like a water-cooled motor. You may find that baffling but hold. There is more to it. And it produces a steady power output of 10kW, peak output rated at 12kW. It roughly equates to around 16.32PS, significantly lower than the Classic 350 BS6 then. We are in a huge dilemma which of these will be a slower counterpart to the other. We are sure the electricity won’t go down a bit.

We can assure you of this, as there is a healthy development of torque. this will enough fr its spurt. This seems to be quicker than the Enfield thumper. The reports clearly state that it goes from 50-65kmph in roughly three seconds and it takes only another three seconds to reach 80kmph. In our performance tests, the Classic 350 BS4 takes 7.53 seconds to complete the same 50-80kmph run. There goes the 1.5 sec already. The top speed is clapped for 112 km. That’s fine.


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