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Apple iPhone 12 Release Date, Specs, Camera, Sizes And Everything You Should know

Apple hasn’t offered an iPhone with an OLED display for under $999, but using the iPhone 12 lineup expected to include an OLED Panel on all range of models, which could change. iPhone 12 pricing may start at $649 annually, based on Jon Prosser of the YouTube channel Front Page Tech.

Prosser claims this information comes from his origin who correctly disclosed the new iPhone SE’s launch date. All four models are expected to feature OLED screens and 5G support, as analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has claimed.

If these prices are educated guesses, it’s sensible to presume that Apple will supply an OLED-based iPhone for under $999 this past year. Given its smaller size and reduced prices, the 5.4-inch iPhone could easily become one of Apple’s best selling iPhone versions ever since the launch of the first iPhone.

Rumours suggest the 5.4 and 6.1-inch models will be lower-end iPhones with dual-lens cameras while the 6.7-inch iPhone and one 6.1-inch model will be higher-end OLED devices with triple-lens cameras using LiDAR Sensor and a higher price tag. All iPhones 12 series are expected to feature OLED displays.

iPhone 12 series could feature a new TrueDepth camera system that cuts down on the size of the notch on the front of the display, and there are leaks and rumours of a 3D triple-lens rear camera setup that uses a laser to calculate depth information for objects in the room, improving both AR capabilities and photography. This is likely to be the same as the LiDAR Scanner in the 2020 iPad Pro.


Although Apple is expected to continue offering both higher-end iPhones and lower-end iPhones in 2020, each one of the devices may come equipped with OLED screens this season.

“more flexible handset design” Apple is testing OLED displays from Chinese company BOE Display, making LCDs for Apple’s iPads and MacBooks. Apple has been using Samsung OLED displays in OLED iPhones and is expected to continue doing this.

The brand new iPhone 12 series are expected to embrace Samsung technology named Y-OCTA, that ease touchscreen circuitry to be directly patterned on the OLED panel without the need for another layer that results in a thinner screen and reduced manufacturing costs, though it’s not clear if this transforms to a thinner body layout.

Future iPhones could embrace the Apple Watch’s low-power LTPO screen technology. Low-temperature polycrystalline oxide, or LTPO, comes with an abysmal TFT structure that utilizes up to 15 percent less electricity than LTPS, the technology, or polysilicon that Apple currently utilizes.

It is not entirely clear if Apple will introduce this technology in this upcoming iPhone 12 series. Some of the iPhones coming in 2020 are also rumoured to comprise touch-integrated screens supplied by LG, together with LG also planning to switch into LTPO backplane technologies in the second half of 2020, perhaps supplying more energy-efficient screens for an iPhone 12 series if the displays are ready in the given time.

ProMotion Technology

Leaks from Samsung leaker “Ice Universe” on Twitter have suggested iPhone 12 series could feature a switchable 60Hz/120Hz refresh rate. Apple already uses ProMotion technology in its iPad Pro lineup, So it isn’t too farfetched to believe that the technology could be extended to the iPhone in the long run. The iPad Pro versions do but use LCD screens and not OLED displays such as the flagship models that are iPhone.

In 2020 Apple will introduce 5G support in there iPhone 12 series, allowing the new iPhones to connect to 5G networks that are much faster than 4G LTE networks.

Apple is expected to unveil its iPhone 12 lineup in September, but at least one model may not be accessible to purchase until October or even November.

In-Display Fingerprint Scanner?

We’ve found fingerprint sensors to be finicky, as we sometimes experience false negatives. This can occur if you do not hit it or when you put your finger to rapidly. This is not an issue with Face ID. However, we can see why Apple may want to bring Touch ID back into the iPhone, even though it does not happen in time to get the iPhone 12.

All in all, the iPhone 12 rumors stage to four versions from Apple’s lineup, including a 5.4-inch and 6.1-inch iPhone 12 and a 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro. These are expected to comprise Apple’s new blazing A14 Bionic chip and 5G technologies, but get the LiDAR sensor and only the iPhone 12 Pro devices will continue to offer telephoto lenses.


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