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Aston Matrin DXB- The New Competition In The Market, Major Threat To Lamborghini’s URUS.

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One of the most premium brands in sportscar, Aston Martin stands tall leading the legendary British sport-cars brand to great heights.

This time the company has launched it’s first ever Sports Utility Vehicle, to enter into a new territory and it’s grand entrance into high end-family of transportation.

The company best known for high end sports performance cars, now aims to challenge one of the most iconic rivals such as Lamborghini with it’s in-line URUS.

According to the claims by the company, the new model DBX will perform with the same the same grace as it’s competitions in the comparable price segment, demonstrating sheer off-road performance provided with ultra-expensive luxury crossovers.

The DBX is totally new for 2020 and is Aston’s first SUV, and is expected to go for sale in next year.

The new DXB is power-packed by 4.0 litre twin-turbo charged engine which is supplied by the AMG division of Mercedes. The engine produces a 542 horsepower of maximum power and 516 lb-ft. of torque, which is mated to a nine-speed automatic transmission speed provided by Mercedes.

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The company claims to attain a speed from zero-to-60 mph with a recorded time of 4.3 seconds and with a top speed of 181 Mph.

The company claims that it will eventually follow, an all Electric drive train which is expected to be much further down the road.

According to the company, DBX is fundamentally rear-wheel drive, with a centre transfer case sends torque to the front axle drive when slippage is detected at the rear, and the model is also equipped with a torque-vectoring rear differential system as well.

Adaptive dampers and air damping springs are also used in the systems. The chassis is made with bonded aluminium and other major extraction.

The DBX is not just another pretty face, but can also tow 5940 pounds and the roof can also support upto 220 pounds despite a standard full-length panoramic roof.

The 2020 DBX hasn’t been crash-tested by the National Highway traffic Safety Administration. The model lacks Apple Car-play and Android Auto integration.

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The starting price of the new DXB is confirmed to be 192,086 U.S. dollars which is liable to increase for higher models as well.

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