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Australian GP “moving forward” amid concerns about coronavirus

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The Australian Grand Prix Association says that amid continuing worries about the coronavirus. So, it expects the season-opening Albert Park run to go ahead as expected.


The AGP is one of the activities under pressure from the increasingly changing situation of theCovid-19. So, with fears that travel restrictions and/or stringent quarantine protocols may make it difficult. Because of any personnel of the Formula 1 team to arrive in Melbourne.

Italy is the most significant potential sticking point. With an increase in reported cases leading to a reassessment by the Australian Federal Government of its travel advice over the past 24 hours.

Today it reports that the recommendation has updated for both Italy and South Korea. People working in the medical. And aged care sector now advised to self-quarantine for 14 days after returning from the country.

Formula 1:

So far, Italy and South Korea have escaped the same restrictions as China. Iran – including foreign nationals who take 14 days in a third country before they are allowed to enter Australia.

In Italy and South Korea. Where they have major outbreaks but are restricted and placed, the chance. The proportionality of putting in a travel ban was not justified in terms of the benefits to Australian community health safety said by the medical chief Brendan Murphy.

With the Albert Park circuit near completion with tourists from Italy already able to travel to Australia as it is. The Australian Grand Prix Association says it wants the race to continue.

We’re all systems running and getting ready for next week’s 25th Formula 1  meeting in Melbourne.

The finishing touches put on the circuit. The Formula 1 freight and staff arrive in the days to come and we look forward to opening the gates to the public on Thursday, March 12.

So, the health and safety of all are paramount.

The Australian Grand Prix Company has comprehensive health, safety. And emergency response systems in place for each race. So, they are collaborating with health authorities and relevant bodies of government. Emergency services to tackle this problem.

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