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Back to work: 10 days where F1 preps moved a gear

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The last ten days seem very busy for the F1 officials, and all. The people and drivers going back to their factories, and some even to tracks. This all is a start to the preparation for the upcoming 2020 season. Let us see how they get to work- all from Charles Leclerc driving in Maranello to McLaren duo in Formula 3.

Hamilton and Bottas were the first to experience a drive-in f1 after lockdown. They were the first team as Mercedes. And they went for a spin in the 2018 W09. They loved their experience at Silverstone. Lewis Hamilton ran on a greasy pitch while Bottas got the luxury of dry grounds and tracks on the British Grand Prix venue. They were followed by Charles Leclerc waking up residents’ early morning of Maranello with the sound of Ferrari SF1000. He went through shops, not for ride, but on way to Fiorina, Ferrari’s testing grounds.

After that, Norris and Sainz take themselves to drive the f3 machines. They found it even helps to get their muscle memory back. And they are really thankful fo it. And Norris was really enthusiastic about it. He even came back the next day for a similar experience.

Then, Estaban Ocon took the 2018 R.S. 18 to the Red Bull Ring, the venue itself. And he completed the double race distance on filming day. He went for 143 laps! While Daniel Riccardo managed 115 a day before him.

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