Home Car News Bajaj launches the Indias Most affordable electric car - Qute EV

Bajaj launches the Indias Most affordable electric car – Qute EV


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As of the present Electric trends in the automobile industry,  Bajaj introduces the Qute Ev at the affordable price of Rs. 2.84 lakhs.

With the new government policies on charging, the electric car market is to emerge better.  Admittedly, the EVs commands the Indian automobile industry by 2020.

We are familiar with the launches of multiple electric vehicles (EVs) such as the MG eZS, XUV300 Electric, and Nexon EV. While these cars stood to be the best in EV vehicles, but Bajaj decides to launch at the most affordable price of an average Indian. Bajaj introduces the Qute Ev with a reasonable amount of 3 lakhs.

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The Bajaj Qute discusses that the Qute is not exactly a car — it is a quadricycle. It is designed to be the urban solution, in the heavy traffic of metropolitan cities. The electric version of the Qute has now specked testing with a Qute badge and left-hand-drive.

In 2012, Bajaj came up with its first version of Qute. It is for providing the weather-proof comforts for the two-wheelers and auto-rickshaws. This engine comes with a 216.6cc DTS-i engine, which makes 13PS and 19Nm of torque.

The Qute electric vehicle (EV) is likely to be sold to private buyers in some states to have more natural sales in Indian markets.

While the Motor specs and range are currently unknown, The Qute is likely to be sold abroad because of its left- hand drive system.

We know that upcoming affordable electric cars have a range of no less than 120km. The Qute is expected to have a decent range of  130 km. The battery is to be upgraded with the Li-ion smart charge for the rapid charge option.

The Qute features the peculiar space for the storage places. The Qute has no under-floor room as of the other EVs. It is only left with the few storage areas in its design. Space under the rear seat is likely to be the region of choice for the battery pack. A small battery pack could aid us in providing enough space for this model. This not only helps in reducing costs but also gives the car a range less than other EVs.




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