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Black Summer season 2: Release date, Cast, Plot Trailer And What will happen?

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The apocalypse looms !! The Zombie apocalypse drama is despite having mixed reviews from 27, a thriller which has pooled a loyal legion of fans. However, are we done with the zombies, or are we left to watch more of them? The major question that is currently popping up in most fans’ minds- Is another season happening?

Who is in Black Summer season 2? Cast

We knew a few of these survived and some did not when the show ended. There is one individual who’ll reprise the role for certain, and that’s Jaime King as Rose. She is the producer of this series.

We watched, so there are chances that we’re going to see Zoe Marlett as Anna Rose and her daughter reunite. Justin Chu Cary will return as Spears and Christine Lee as Kyungsun. John Hyams is your only showrunner at that moment. In accordance with Sal Velez Jr, we would get to see William.

Although there is no confirmation if there will be anycast in the series, I guess we might have to wait until a statement is made.

Black Summer Season 2 Plot: What will happen?

Season 1 mainly focused on a group of strangers along with the main cast Rose trying to reunite with their loved ones. As the series progressed, we saw some of the characters dying. We watched Rose reunite with her daughter Anna although ultimately. However, that reasoned the narrative of Rose.

Black Summer season 2

There were many talks on whether the show should return or not. But, Jamie King suggested a bit towards the simple fact that this setup will be different from the initial installment. It is going to go on an individual’s psychological traits. She said when she read the script, she wasn’t expecting what she saw.

Well, that hints towards something besides our expectations. As of now, an official synopsis has not been released. Let us know what do you think will happen next?

How many episodes are there in season 2 of Black Summer?

It was announced by Netflix that the show is coming back together with eight episodes. The runtime for the series will probably be approximately 40 minutes.

When is the Black Summer season 2 release date? Premiere

The series is supposed to be released at 2020 as we all know how the pandemic has halted productions all over the world. This series wasn’t an exception. The shooting had already started, but because the lockdown was imposed, the show had to halt the production.

The show’s release date has been postponed, and we are not certain when we will be visiting the next installment. It looks like the wait will be a little longer than anticipated. As of now, no announcement was made to the season two release date of Black Summer. Thus, we will need to wait until we get any additional details about the exact same.

Is there any season 2 trailer for Black Summer?

Considering that the production of this series hasn’t yet been completed, there is no trailer out nonetheless. However, you can watch the trailer to the very first installment below.

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