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BMW accuses Audi – DTM jeopardizing

This is interesting. BMW has accused Audi, its fellow German carmaker. And the accuse is of jeopardizing the future of the German touring car series DTM. This category, which Audi feels to go for after 2020 now seems in trouble. This was meant to leave BMW as the only competitor against Audi. It was much of design and enhancements. According to some sources, Klaus Frohlich, a BMW board member, has said that Audi has broken a gentleman’s agreement. This was about the jeopardizing. He said, that they had full faith in their ally. It was with full confidence, that they had gone on with their colleagues on the next steps towards a future-proof electrified DTM. But now, they don’t seem to be sticking to the plan much. It is quite surprising for everyone in the company.

The BMW is really in shock. They have worked together a lot, and now, Audi is Jeopardising the DTM. Following this, Frohlich admitted last week that now Audi’s decision is very clear. And this means that also BMW needs to think about its future in DTM. They were not yet thinking about this. There is a bit of a challenge for BMW and its team. They are not expecting much in this short term pose. Also, these terms have come up in similar times with the corona crisis and have set them a bit back. They would have preferred a better approach in the spirit of common society.

Despite all this news, DTM boss Gerhard Berger is quite sure that DTM’s millions of fans make him confident that a solution can be found. he hasn’t been in a dilemma of easy and difficult times yet, but here it is. In the course of his sports and business career, he is going for a distinction between the two. he knows that there are always hurdles in business. that’s life. And how big this is, is sure only after he talks with both the owners. This is the only way to clarify things for now.


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