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BMW i4 Review: reportedly has 80-kwh battery, 530 hp, over 300 miles of range

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BMW i4

Founded in the year of 1916, Bayerische Motoren Werke AG, also known as BMW, is a major producer of automobiles and motorcycles. The German multinational company is the twelfth largest producer of motor vehicles as of 2015. The bikes are sold under the brand name, BMW Motorrad.

Its headquarter is in Munich, and the production takes place in India, China, South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States, Mexico, Brazil, and Germany. BMW is known for its tourist cars, Formula 1, sports car and Isle of Man TT.

Tesla’s Model 3 has competition in the market. BMW i4 will reportedly have 500 horsepower and 300mile range compared to 255 horsepower that Tesla has to offer. BMW’s new model will give an output of approximately 530 horsepower. It can go from 0 to 62 mph in 4 seconds flat with the top speed limit of 120 mph.

What we want from EVs and PHEVs is compact engines, BMW will “Generation 5” battery packs will fulfil this demand. It won’t require a lot of space, as is evident in the floor plan of i4, although it is a massive engine and weighs 1200 pounds.

BMW also claims that i4 will charge 0-80% within 35-minutes. It is possible due to the 150-kW fast charge that comes with it. With this charge, i4 will exceed 300-miles. 530hp and 300miles will be the add ons in the top choices in the model.

I Vision Dynamic concept was debuted in Frankfurt 2017 by the company. The prototype photos show that the exterior will come with the same design. The Group CEO Harald Kruger confirmed it at Geneva International Motor Show in 2018.

I4 will be a part of the 4-series and not part of the i-series. It is expected that i4 will be a cross between a fastback sedan and a small crossover.

I4 arrives in 2020, but it has 2021 features.

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