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BYD Han electric sedan in the front now!!!

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Tesla and its modifications always astonish us. And this time, during the corona crisis, the Chinese brand BYD does this. It is coming with its Tesla 3 model rivaling sedan, the Han EV. According to our sources, the company believes their sales will be ready for its international selling as soon as Han EV comes in debut in its home market by June.

The Han EV is of great importance to the company. It is their first electric flagship. Also, it is their first passenger model, which covers the new Blade Battery technology. The peculiarity of this tech is its simpler and more space-efficient as compared to its rivals. It comes with improved range and greatly enhanced safety measures. There are no specific data or notification regarding battery size or the technical data released by Han EV. But there are confirmations regarding 605 km on a single charge based on old NEDc test cycles. The European standard of this numerical is going to be released soon. This will be a homologation process for the car.

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BYD Han electric sedan Interior

There are claims stating Han Ev to be the automobile industry’s most advanced EV model with a great deal of luxury. There is exceptional performance, refinement, and supreme luxury, as stated. The claims go as high as 0 to 100 kph in 3.9 seconds. This is possible due to the silicon carbide motor control system. The car also is the first to apply the Integrated Brake system – which provides braking precision, range, and comfort. The prime focus of Han EV is technology. It features 5 g connectivity with DiPilot intelligent driver assistance. It goes with self-learning and self-evolution. The central part of the car is dominated by the Tesla style display and digital dials. It is a blending element in the traditional Chinese Wagon with striking European design cues.

Thus, this is a near competition as earlier stated.

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