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BYTON M-Byte: The Emerging Champion

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One of the youngest company to step in the world of Automobile Industry had proved its presence and is emerging as one of the fastest-growing company focusing on E-mobility. Byton is a Chinese all-electric vehicle automotive brand established in 2017 incorporated in Hong-Kong. With its first-ever M-Byte SUV, the company has scheduled the production either during late 2019 or early 2020. The company is all set to launch M-Byte first in China following the U.S. and then heading towards European markets in the second half of 2020. With only two concept cars launched by the company Byton M-Byte and Byton K-byte, the M model is initiated to start it’s production very soon, followed by K-Byte and the company is reportedly ambitious to launch three electric car models by 2022.

The company claims to provide a unique user interface, with more emphasis on Touch and gesture control, featuring an advanced voice command as well as driver’s face recognition system. The company also provides an unmatched feature named Smart Gateway which analyses and computes data flow with the cloud linked to the vehicle which is capable of detecting and responding to potential threats. Every owner is given a unique Byton ID which provides personalised support and solution to every owner. The car is equipped with 150 kW fast DC charging, due to which the battery pack would charge from an empty charge state to 80% in a recorded time of 35 minutes. Please note that the results might vary for different operational conditions.

Reports suggest that the model will be supported by a single, rear-mounted electric motor delivering a maximum power of 268 BHP. With a top speed of 190 km/h, the motor is capable of delivering the power of 200 kW on rear-wheel drive and 300 kW on all-wheel drive. The time taken to reach 0-100 km/h is 7.5 seconds while performing on a rear-wheel-drive system and 5.5 seconds while using the all-wheel-drive system. The batteries also have a capability of delivering 72 kWh at rear-wheel-drive operations and 95 kWh at front-wheel drive operations. The M-byte is often described to be one of the most Premium smart Electric SUV’s. The price for Byton M-Byte is expected to be 45,000 Euros.

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