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Captain America Release Date, Cast, Plot And Read More

A brand new Marvel Cinematic Universe enthusiast theory between Stan Lee and Captain America is floating about. Avengers: Endgame watched the usage of time travel become an excellent ally to Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Scott Lang helped a lot with all the Pym Particles out although there were some casualties on the way, and the Avengers managed to save the day. While Captain America didn’t die on the battle, he did go back in time at the end of the movie to return the Infinity Stones than to finally live out the remainder of his life with Peggy Carter.

Can there be more to Steve Rogers’ time travelling throughout the MCU? A new fan theory suggests that Stan Lee cameos from over the decades hold the answer to that query. The enthusiast theory posits the Lee cameos are Rogers as he goes back in time to test up. While looking at the ages of Lee and comparing them to Rogers’ periods throughout his time living with Peggy Carter, this could make sense.

It’s just too implausible to become a reality, no matter how many similarities and correlations fans can locate while the theory is surely heartwarming. The Captain America solo films pretty much establish that this is impossible, especially the first instalment. In any case, maybe, it’s still a fun thing to consider and something that Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige has thought of, at least until this stage. Stan Lee sadly passed off in 2018, which means the studio is going to have to find new ways to pay tribute to the comic book superstar.

As Steve Rogers, it does not seem like he’ll be returning to the MCU for. Chris Evans has stated that he is finished with all the character and that going out on Avengers: Endgame has been a high note. The actor did not rule it out entirely, noting it would have to be a worthy and excellent story for him to match up again, that has yet to be pitched into the actor. Who knows, maybe he’ll change his mind.

A good deal of MCU fans would like a picture that reveals Steve Rogers is heading back through time to return the Infinity Stones to find out what happened. It couldn’t have been as simple as dropping them off and only going by, and there had to have been some conflict along the way, which could make for Disney + string idea or a superb movie. For the time being, it appears like that is not possible an idea. Chris Evans could earn a return in cameo form at some point and fans would lose their minds. The Stan Lee and Captain America enthusiast theory were first posted over on Reddit.


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