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CAPTAIN MARVEL 2: OMG, Recent Leaks From Marvel Studio! Read Now…

One manager’s name keeps popping up between the chatter: Deborah Chow, Since Disney, continues to create Star Wars, and Marvel reveals because of its support. Having successfully led two episodes of The Mandalorian, her next major project is that the Obi-Wan Kenobi series. A fresh leak indicates that she is also being eyed to helm a significant Marvel movie from the MCU’s Stage Four.


A flow from MCU Cosmic suggests that Marvel Studios is courting Chow to get “multiple prospective jobs.” So it is ideal to consider this rumor before sources affirm the website has not been reliable before, but speculation is intriguing.

It is potential Chow could direct numerous TV episodes for the climbing Disney + background of Marvel. However, with her resume, the upcoming step is to market her into MCU jobs that are big-time?

There is a range of forthcoming films, and MCU shows equally. But, MCU Cosmic supposes that Chow could direct Captain Marvel two. Paradoxically, Chow’s possible job would come after she is done with post-production about the Obi-Wan Kenobi series. Therefore this time works out.

CAPTAIN MARVEL 2: Recent Leaks

If the flow is accurate, then Chow’s participation with the Captain Marvel sequel could indicate the next MCU movie directed solely with a female (The Eternals being the first using Chloé Zhao, although the very first Captain Marvel movie was co-directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck). Marvel Studios has not had a fantastic track record using addition and diversity. Chow helming Captain Marvel two, could be an additional step in the ideal direction.

Chow has spent most of her career leading television, chiefly of this sci-fi selection, such as Fear the Walking Dead, American Gods, Mr. Robot, and The Vampire Diaries. She is no stranger to the Marvel world, having led episodes of Netflix’s now-canceled Iron Fist and Jessica Jones.

That is a vast history, and it could be quite useful to find out what she could deliver to a big-budget movie like Captain Marvel two.

Marvel is looking to helm the job, not or while it’s Chow. Formerly, Game of Thrones and Westworld manager Michelle MacLaren was also floated as a chance to guide Captain Marvel two.


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