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Car Scrap Policy 2021: Scrap Policy Announced for Old Vehicles, Employment will Increase Across the Country, Air Pollution will be Banned !!!

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Budget 2021: Minister of Finance Nirmala Sitharaman has announced a scrap policy in his speech presenting the budget of 2021-22 in Parliament. The government of India will bring a Scrap Policy for old vehicles. Under this, old cars will be scrapped. This decision of the Modi government will curb pollution.

Apart from this, the oil import bill will also come down. While presenting the budget, minister of finance Nirmala Sitharaman said that automated fitness centers are going to be built to regulate pollution. Vehicle owners will have to take private vehicles to these centers after 20 years.

Who will be affected

The biggest and direct impact of the soon-to-be-launched scrap policy by the Modi government will affect the middle and lower classes. Understand in easy language, if your vehicle is old, it will be scraped.

Pollution will be controlled

Under the scrap policy, the government will curb pollution. This decision is also being seen as the biggest war against air pollution.

The government will spend 2000 crores rupees

The government will spend Rs 2000 crore within the coming 5 years to wash the air.
The automated fitness center will be built in the country

It has been announced by Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman that now automated fitness centers will be built across the country. Under this, private vehicles will need to attend these automated fitness centers after 20 years. At an equivalent time, commercial vehicles will need to move to those centers after 15 years. Vehicles will be scraped at these automated fitness centers.

What is the government’s plan?

Under the scrap policy, the government will ban air pollution. At the same time, the government believes that this decision will also boost employment across the country.

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