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Car Technologies and Innovation in 2019

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All of us might usually be heard this famous quote “Necessity is the mother of all inventions.” Ideally, this quote holds an extraordinary place in the heart of automobile technology. Each and every day a new technology is rolled out from the R&D team of many companies, they toil every day and spend sleepless nights in making an invention come true. Many of these inventions have also changed the perspective of the world forever, be it the introduction of the first steam engine to the introduction of the latest concept of electric vehicles, the perspective towards ease and environmentally friendly solutions has always been a key factor around the research in the field of the automotive industry.

Some of the most anticipated technologies and innovations are must take a glance at them:-

  1. Self Driven Cars– Considering the fact that this idea was considered Illogical and useless in the previous century, but nowadays with exponentially rise in trends in machine learning and the use of highly accurate sensors, this concept is rapidly taking place. This invention is not available to the public now but is in the stage of testing and prototyping.

2. Automatic Control Algorithms and Units– Still in it’s developing stage, this technology works on a similar manner of self-driving cars but the main catch behind this technology is a software-based algorithm which senses the physical conditions and parameters and accordingly sends signals to control unit which controls the working of the vehicle. Sounds interesting isn’t it!

3. Biometric Vehicle Access – Nowadays, only keys are the only medium to open the lock, but now with improvement in technologies, even with your fingerprint, you can unlock your vehicle. A concept most likely derived from smartphone technology.

4. Passenger health monitoring system– With companies emphasizing more on passenger safety, new technologies are emerging, which senses the passenger health and accordingly follow the instruction. This would be more clear with an example. If a passenger gets a heart stroke while in a car with the help of such sensors, instruction will be given to disengage the seat belt as well as send a medical emergency alert. This could possibly reduce the risks of medical emergencies while driving.

“Our love for the cars will never stop, and so will be the innovations and technologies driving this huge industry will.”

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