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China Car Deal to Wait till 2020 election: says Trump

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China Car Deal to Wait till 2020 election: says Trump


We are back from London with a great piece of news. President Donal Trump was seen explain the media that the China agreement may have to wait till the next US president is elected in November 2020.

This clears all the dents for the hopes on the quick resolution to the disputes which got a lot of eyes weighing the world economy.

Trump was to attend the NATO leaders meeting where he addressed the media saying there are no deadlines for him. And that he wanted to wait upon the deals and matters related to china until the next elections are over.

But we could say from his words that China is bent upon making a deal. And for this, Trump said that China is going for a deal which it claims is going to be right and for the deal to be made, it must be a right one if now.

The Shares and Market Affairs!!!

These severe comments by President Donald Trump brought down the European share prices and the Chinese Yuan currency.

There were high hopes from the Investors and manufacturers from the relations of United states and China. And they had hoped that it could get the use of fastening their trades tension which earlier got weighed due to the global economic growth.

And still remains the on paper work of Washington’s and Beijing phase one agreements which also raised hopes of escalating the trade work.

This was well awaited since the long trade war. Trump claimed his superiority in the talks with Chin and said that it was in his hands, the results of the deal and it is going well in the talks.

And he affirmed to wait for the interesting news and stay tuned for it. He quoted that” I am doing perfectly well in the talks and if in want to make a deal And I am not et sue of a deal to be made, they are going to find out soon.

“So, we would like to say the same to you to wait and watch over the politics and market for the same. Stay tuned with us.

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