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Chinese 59 App Banned In India, China Says- These Violation of WTO Rules

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The tension between India and China is only increasing (India China Tension). In such a tense environment, India banned China’s 59 apps. After which China is even more doubtful. This is the first official statement of China on the matter. In its statement, China said it is concerned about India’s decision, and it is taking full information on the topic. Chinese Embassy spokesperson Ji Rong has said that what India has cited behind the ban is correct.

Statement of Chinese Embassy

After the Chinese Foreign Ministry, Chinese Embassy spokesperson Ji Rong has also reacted to the Chinese app ban. Regarding this, China has been keeping a close watch on it and is actively opposing this action. Rong said that the way India has adopted banning these apps is discriminatory. The way national security has been cited for banning some Chinese apps is not correct and is also in violation of the World Trade Organization (WTO) rules.

Chinese Embassy Annoyed By Bain

Rong also said that India’s action is also against the general rules of international trade and e-commerce. It is also not conducive to consumer interests and market competition in India. He has said that the Government of India’s decision is not only perfect for the relationship between the two. At the same time, a large number of people in India are getting employment due to these apps in some way will also trouble them. The Chinese Embassy spokesperson has stated the reasoning given behind the ban on these Indian government’s amp, that these apps are running following all the rules and instructions that have been received by the government.

Statement of China

Earlier, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said that we want to emphasize that the Chinese government always tells people in business to follow international and local laws. It is the responsibility of India to respect the legal rights of foreign investors, including Chinese investors.

Zhao said, ‘We would like to emphasize that the Chinese government has urged Chinese companies to follow international and local law laws. It is the government of India’s responsibility to protect the legal rights of all international investors, including China.

India Banned

India has banned 59 Chinese link apps on Monday, including the much talked about TicketTalk and UC Browser. The government has said that these apps are full of prejudice for India’s sovereignty and integrity, India’s security, country’s security and public order.

Tiktok Statement

After the ban, the company said that Tik Tok has not shared the information of any Indian users with China or other foreign governments on Tuesday. Nikhil Gandhi, Head of Tik Tok India, issued a statement saying, “We were called by the government officials involved in the matter for talks and asked us to present our clarification.” Gandhi said TikTok has been following the terms of data privacy and security as per Indian rules. It has not given information about Indian users to China or any foreign government. TikTok also said that if we were asked to do this in the future also, we will not.

Threat To India’s Security

Law, Electronics, and Information Technology Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that the government has banned these apps for India’s security, security defense, sovereignty and integrity. He tweeted that to protect the people of India’s data and privacy, and the government has banned 59 mobile apps.

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