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Classroom Of The Elite Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, And All News !!!

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Here’s all of the information that you need to understand about Classroom of this Elite Season 2. This psychological thriller anime is a version of the Japanese mild book series by Shunsaku Tomos. Later, Yuyu Ichino gave the illustrations for the manga version. The anime tv show by studio Lerche aired from 12 July 2017 to 27 September 2017. The light publication concluded two years later in September 2019. So, the twelve-episode anime came to an end much sooner than the original story, leaving us with a huge cliffhanger. The anime follows a group of high school pupils in a remote future.

The Japanese government created the Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing School that fosters the pupils who will protect the country in the future. These pupils are the very best in the nation, given that a high amount of freedom so they can closely mimic real life. The series centers on Kiyota Ayanokouji, he’s a quiet boy and would rather keep his distance from others than make them friends. He studies in course D, in which the school dumps the inferior students. However, his life changes drastically after he befriends Suzune Horikita and Kikyo Kushida. Together, and with the help of other pupils from course D, they stand against other courses to gain the top position.

The intense story and unique characters made the anime immensely popular at that moment. The series is not a typical high school drama that we typically see in anime. It breaks the conventions of high school anime since the show mostly tilts towards suspense and thriller. Consequently, the series deals with teenage problems such as stress, depression, fear of rejection, and much more. Even almost four decades later, fans are still hoping for another season of Classroom of the Elite. Without season 2, we’ll never find out more about Ayanokouji and his past, nor will we see whether he or some of his classmates ever made it to class A.

What Would Be The Story of Second Season?

If there will be a second season, it is going to start the story from the fourth volume of this manga. The show will follow the group as they struggle back on the cruise ship. Unfortunately, this time, the students are separated and divided according to their zodiac signs. This means they’ve formed twelve groups, with each member using the same zodiac sign. This challenge is all about survival and examining their brains as each team tries to figure out the identity of the VIP in the rest of the groups. The next season will be full of many interesting turns and twists. The next season will also include all of the preceding characters.

Will There Ever Be a Classroom of the Elite Season 2?

The initial season of the anime covers only the initial three manga books, leaving 13 more volumes waiting to be accommodated into anime. This usually means that there should be at least 3 or 4 more twelve-episode seasons to cover the entire story. The question arises — why has not there been another season of this anime? There are instances when a studio produces an anime-only for the sake of boosting the light book or manga. This was particularly the case for”Campione”, in which the series never released a second year since they were successful in gathering readers for their publication.

Another chance of cancellation of the anime sequel is a result of low sales of the manga. This would result in losing money for your creation, like what happened with Tokyo Ravens. And this is likely true for Classroom of this elite. Regardless of the series’s popularity, fans only were not eager to purchase the manga. On the other hand, the light novel was fairly popular with an adequate amount of sales. Each of the changes leads to the same conclusion; that the possibilities for another season are reduced.

But, let’s not lose hope, as there were instances where it took a long time to get a studio to launch an arcade sequel. As an instance, Gintama that after took four years to air the sequel season or mushishi that took nine years. And those sequels were certainly worth the wait. The anime show Classroom of the elite may as well be among them.

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