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Coronavirus prevents production of Nissan’s UK car

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In Sunderland Nissan is halting operations.

Days after inaugurating a new stamping line at its Sunderland Factory focusing on expanding its UK manufacturing. Nissan has suspended production at its North East England factory due to the current coronavirus pandemic.

The change is the most notable to have an effect on the UK automotive industry so far and comes as Nissan assesses. The effects on its supply chain and its continued decline in demand.

Vauxhall’s northwesterly Ellesmere Port plant will now partially suspended due to the pandemic.

This decision comes after the factory revealed to dropping from a five-day workweek to just four days.

The reduction to four days from five would not result in reduced hours for the workers. With the extra days being extended to compensate. This may result in more employment losses down the road.

For several years, the factory has faced an unknown future. Further exacerbated by PSA’s acquisition of the remaining European activities from General Motors in 2017.

The next version of the Astra hatchback will construct in Ruesselsheim, Germany. And alongside it will construct the estate model. The estate currently built in Cheshire. Opel’s Gliwice, Poland plant. So, this manufactures the new hatchback model will be transitioning from next year on to van production.

Nissan’s Sunderland plant in north-east England produced about 350,000 of the UK’s 1,3 million vehicles last year. Manufacturing the company’s Qashqai, Juke and LEAF models.

The opposition Labor Party’s local lawmaker Sharon Hodgson called on the government to do more to help residents.

As part of the parent company Peugeot’s decision to shut down sites across the continent to cope with the crisis, Vauxhall’s Ellesmere Port car plant in northern England is also due to close on Tuesday until March 27.

As she stated:

She said that 40,000 people at and in her district depend on the plant for their livelihood. So, she will do whatever she can do to protect them.


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