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Cowboy Bebop Live Action Season 1 Official Release Date Announced?

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We’re undeniably thrilled for the live-action spin-off Cowboy Bebop, of this animated science fiction favorite.

Cowboy Bebop Live Action Season 1

For those of you who do not know yet- it had been announced on 6th June 2017 an American live-action adaptation of this series has been developed for television by the producers of the first anime- Tomorrow Studios, a partnership involving Marty Adelstein and Sunrise Inc. Christopher Yost is a place to write the live-action reboot.

About 27th November 2018, Netflix announced that the show would be streaming on their site that was favorite.

The series was likely to be released in 2020, but production was closed down in October 2019 and pushed by half a year due to John Cho (a part of the significant cast) being unable to work because of a knee injury. Due to the current global outbreak, the anticipated release date of this series was pushed further to summer 2021.


The second season script has been noted and is in progress! And it would appear that it is going in another way than expected. The show stays a prompted reboot of the original 1998 anime- however, with an unanticipated twist. Star Wars. Yep. You read that right.

They’ve decided that they need embellishments inspired. Even though the founders wish to keep the foundation of the show accurate to the original, is this concerning supernatural and mythological characters? Is it in terms of setting? Or can it be in terms? We’re not sure. We do understand that even the show will remain Cowboy Bebop.

Why we already love the series

Why is it that we adore the show? First of all, we’ve loved the anime for years, and the live-action cannot be a disappointment. But it seems that the founders intend to create the live-action reboot a whole lot.

They will have a diverse cast. Since Grillo-Marxuach, the show’s writer, states it”you can not Scarlett Johansson this shit… We are creating a show that occurs at a future that is multicultural, that is extraordinarily incorporated, and where those things are the norm.”

And in the current climate- we all stan!

A Fast look

The cast list was released- as promised, and it’s looking multicultural! Let us take a look:

John Cho (as Spike Spiegel), Alex Hassell (as Vicious), Daniella Pineda (as Faye Valentine), Elena Satine (as Julia), and Mustafa Shakir (as Jet Black) have all been supported for ten episodes so far.

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