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Daniel Ricciardo reveals the talk for the switch from McLaren to Ferrari went for Years.

There is still a big question among F1 racing fans- Will Daniel Ricciardo be Ferraris choice for Charles Leclerc partner in 2021? There is now a reveal from the Renault driver. He says he did talk with the Ferrari for the team and a place for him on it. And it seems possible that this discussion went on for more than a few years back. We already know that Sebastian Vettel is parting with the Ferrari by this year’s end. This news in May saw a burst in the drivers market. And on the list of his successors, we find Ricciardo at the top as the front runner. This was before Carlos Sainz came in for the seat. This made him go for McLaren, but he confirmed to the CNN that before this, we were in the race for Ferrari as well.

We went on to say that he won’t deny there was a discussion over his name. But there was no good fruit for him there. As we must know, that his father comes from Italy, he tried least to go to the culture of the team. All he got suggestions were that it will be a good background and name, but he was not one to get emotionally attached to these pieces of stuff. He knew Carlos is a good fit there, looking upon his strong 2019 career.  We also came with the news that McLaren wanted to take in Ricciardo well before 2021 in the team.


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