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Deadpool 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot And Latest Update

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Notice to fans of Deadpool, and you will not observe the super-heroes anytime soon. In an interview for io9, his creator says that this is not the priority for Disney and that he should not expect to watch it until at least five years on our screens.

Ryan Reynolds is not going to wear the costume of Deadpool anytime soon if we are to consider the recent statements by the inventor of the character from the comics. Interviewed from io9, Rob Liefeld admits to having had access to this list of productions Marvel for another five years, and Deadpool is not in the app. If Ryan Reynolds was optimistic past December, it might seem that this is no longer the priority of the company to big ears. Phase 4 of the MCU has been shifted, and with it, that the next installment of Deadpool. “From my standpoint, Deadpool 3 is not a priority. I don’t expect to see it. Even if the project were confirmed tomorrow, it would emerge that if I am rather old,” grieves Rob Liefeld.

It must be stated that it is a challenging project for Disney, who acquired the catalog of these super-heroes of the Fox at the time of redemption. To integrate the mutants in the MCU is a headache. If, on paper, the two universes are linked. Disney continues to produce movies PG-13 and the arrival of the mutant crap that could upset this line of conduct. But the success of Deadpool is no more time to prove since the previous two opuses have accumulated respectively 782 and 785 million bucks. They were equally long movies. Now, it remains to be seen if Marvel Spenser, the entire saga it will respond to the heavy burden of its specifications or if the label 20th Century Fox will be enough to keep the offbeat feature movies. The time is now to patience. Disney does not announce even or any launch date production for the film. For his role, the celebrity will always search for this particular salvation and clarifies “When Disney bought the Fox, I watched this as a good thing. Deadpool being permitted to play at the big league, I think that each of the people involved has something to gain.”

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