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Dirty Money Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot And You Know Everything

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Intensely packed with the treacherous tales of greed, power, corporate corruption, and securities fraud, Dirty Money is a television series that successfully belongs to the genre of a television documentary. A couple of seasons have been released so far and both have been equally groundbreaking creative elucidations. The show is being aired on Netflix.

Both the seasons consist of six, hour-long episodes. Season one officially released on January 26, 2018, and Season 2 released on March 11, this year. Season 1 successfully acquired a 91% rating from Rotten Tomatoes while Season 2 secured 92%. IMDb, on the other hand, granted a 7.4 rating on 10. The show’s executive producers include a pantheon of documentary experts; Adam Del Deo being one, Lisa Nishimura being another, Stacey Offman, Jason Spingarn-Koff, and Yon Motskin paired with the extremely talented, one and only oscar-winning director of the show – Alex Gibney. Dirty money Season 2 has been produced by Jigsaw Productions.

The show was successful to receive enough amount of appreciation from its viewers. Especially, the first season contained certain dialogues that won a million hearts.

Dirty Money Season 2 Cast

Aaron Carr, Yesenia Guetron, Anwar bin Ibrahim, Alex Gibney, Matt Taibbi, Anabel Hernandez, Fahmi Qadir, Scott Tucker, Walter Archer, Rachel Aviv, Simon Trepanier, Roddy Boyd and a group of other actors graced the screen with their presence and made the show a grand success. The contribution of some non-professional actors added to the realistic dimension of the show.

Dirty Money Season 2 plot

Following the footsteps of Season 1, this entire season has also been a further damning exploration of the themes of greed, power, corporate corruption, financial malfeasance. It goes on to feature the Malaysian ex-Prime Minister – Najib Razak as also portrays the attention-grabbing centerpiece, “Slumlord Millionaire” – Jared Kushner. A well researched investigative documentation by Gibney commands the rapt attention of the audience.

Release Date

Dirty Money Season 2 was officially released on March 11, 2020, and it is available on Netflix.

For people who haven’t yet watched this classic documentary, now is a perfect time, amidst this mentally strenuous lockdown to engage yourself in something spirit-lifting, thought-provoking, captivating and engrossing as this!

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