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Dollface Season 2 Release Date, Cast, Plot And Know More

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With just ten half-dozen episodes, many people will binge-watch”Dollface” Season 1 at one sitting. Hulu dropped the first season Friday, and fans are wondering if the series will go back for Season 2.

It’s a little early for information on a cancellation or a renewal, though. Hulu hasn’t announced plans either way. But, showrunner Jordan Weiss wants to perform more. She advised BUILD that she wants to reunite for”Dollhouse” Season 2.

“I’m doing attributes while we have time away from the show and then hopefully getting to make lots more episodes of’Dollface’ in the future,” Weiss said of her plans for the future.

Kat Dennings seems just as excited about a second season. The actress was not anticipating returning to TV after CBS'”2 Broke Girls” finished in 2016, but Dennings realized that she could see herself playing Jules for a long time.

“I feel as though Jules is someone I could manage for another, however many seasons. At this juncture in my life don’t know if I could do a series where I’m covered in blood and screaming and crying every incident,” she informed TheWrap.

But, Dennings will need to balance”Dollface” with another endeavor. Marvel affirmed that she’d reprise her role as Darcy at”Wandavision,” starring Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany. Luckily, that should not be too much of an issue. Disney owns the brand-new streaming platform and Hulu.

Finally, it is going to be up to Hulu to decide if”Dollface” will be revived for Season 2. Fans will have to wait around for the streaming platform to make an announcement.

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