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Donald Trump against EU, China on their Automobile Tariffs

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US President Donald Trump is now threatening to impose tariffs on European Union cars. He says that they must bring down the tariffs on American Lobsters, in order to prevent this. He went on to claim White House trade advisor Peter Navarro, as the lobster king in charge of these talks. Also, in an event with fishermen, Donal Trump asks his advisor Peter to go on to find Chinese products and hit it with tariffs, unless Beijing plans to cut down tariffs on American lobsters as well. Trump explains that he plans to impose tariffs on European Union cars. This will be something equivalent to those imposed by the European Union on American Lobsters. He then said- Peter Navarro is the new lobster king, referring all talks to him for this. He promised the fishermen that the tariffs will come down from the EU.

There was no immediate statement from the US Trade Representative office, nor EU delegations in Washington or the Chinese Embassy.

Trump was also on such terms against European Union and tariffs on their automobile to expect better terms in the US Europe trade relationship. And this is delayed many times.

Recent months witness tough talks from both sides. This struggle continues in spite of many visits from EU’s new trade commissioner Phil Hogan.




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