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Don’t Over-Farm These ‘Borderlands 3’ Guns That May Get Nerfed Soon

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This week, Gearbox announced major changes were coming to Mayhem 2.0 in Borderlands 3, namely that enemy health, armor and protects is going to be reduced across Mayhems 7-10, where in 10 it currently reaches out in a whopping 12,500percent growth.

That has created a situation where only a small number of firearms feel workable at these levels, and while Gearbox talks about how they are going to be buffing a lot of things to do better at greater Mayhems, they also mention that they’ll likely have to nerf some items as well so as to be certain some semblance of equilibrium is retained with the new lower health worth.

My advice is that you shouldn’t over-farm some special weapons, given that they may end up getting nerfed due to their current overperformance. They may be good I guess, or else they might be totally dead.

There are just three which I am very confident are going to get nerfed in Borderlands 3, and then a few maybes.

OPQ System — Another Cartel gun, this AR is only miles better than anything else in its class, particularly when you throw on a 150% radiation or 200% damage on action skill active anointment on it. I am also very, very convinced this is going to get hit.

Borderlands 3


Monarch — This is really a Mayhem 6 gun you may farm from Killavolt, and if you put it on some courses, notably FL4K, it’s a destroyer of worlds. FL4K may take down pretty much any boss in moments in the game in Mayhem 10, so I would expect a nerf is taken by this.

The Maybes:

Kaoson, the volatile SMG from Mayhem 6.

A weapon which does damage in groups, grease Gun.

Sand Hawk, the Mayhem 6 sniper that may erase bosses.

There might be more (I have not discovered every god tier Mayhem gun nonetheless ), but we will see. I expect they leave others alone.

I would also venture a guess that we may observe the damage to enemies more than 90% health anointment nerfed which may not be intended. All launchers pretty hard would be strike at by this .

I would save anything with a general or class anointment in case, although I can not tell you exactly what to farm for items which will get buffed. More next week we should know, I imagine.

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